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Welcome to the TipTop Insight Engine

Dear user,

Thank you for visiting the TipTop Insight Engine, another fine offering from the magic-creator TipTop Technologies, Inc.

There is so much information out there for anyone searching (or just curious to learn more) that we never seem to have the time and energy to read it all. Some of us organize our favorite feeds and follow them on Twitter and yet others use their friends' updates on Facebook to stay current with the world. We visit these and other favorite sites when we can, but the flood of articles, blogs, reports and updates is overwhelming.

Well, despair no more! TipTop is proud to bring you a new way to discover what's really useful in your feeds, a way to read less but know more, and never miss a thing!

Don't believe us? Just click on the Setup icon in the top line of the page and log in with your Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn account and you are ready to consume your feeds the TipTop way -- not in linear time order but semantically organized and available for view from many different perspectives.

Whenever you refresh your Twitter view, you can see it from different Angles, just the Positive tips, just the Images, or just the Summary, etc. -- exactly as you browse our search results.

Even without personalizing TipTop by bringing in your various social feeds, you can search on any topic in TipTop. TipTop searches all of Twitter by default.

The tweets obtained are processed in real time by our semantic engine which tries to read and understand them like humans do to extract the very best tips.

You can click on any of the lit tabs to see these extracted tips from a variety of different perspectives. Latest news stories from hundreds of sites from all over the world are processed to generate the Top News slide which gets updated every 5 minutes.

You can also search all of Amazon by visiting the lit Shopping tab or by clicking on the TipTop Shopping link at the top of the page. TipTop processes all product reviews in real-time to create a unique matrix of the best products ranked along a variety of attributes.

Some of the most interesting insights you discover in TipTop can be shared automatically by TipTop in your favorite social media. For example, when you log into TipTop via Twitter, you will be prompted by TipTop to configure your auto-sharing preferences.

You can enjoy the magic of the TipTop Insight Engine in the browser on your mobile devices by visiting our mobile site. You can also install TipTop's new, must-have app for Android phones and the much-admired app for iPhones. We welcome constructive feedback. Please click here to contact us.

Bon Voyage!


The magic-creating TipTop Team

TipTop Technologies

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