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Mar 1, 2010 18% Tips & 14% piTs
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Thanks for the fun Vancouver and @YouTubers. Olympics were awesome, Vancouver was awesome, gathering was awesome. *Sleep nao*
really loved the olympics this year :) proud to be canadian
Yanno, if ppl out there wasnt a hockey fan b4 but watch hockey in da Olympics has 2 fall in love with this wonderful sport. Love hockey!
htt p:// - Congratulations to the Canadian Hockey teams victory in the 2009 Olympics! They have the heart of a champion war
Daily Haze: Winter Olympics, Fantasy Baseball: The Winter Olympics, a nice segue from the end of the NFL postseaso... http://b
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Didn\'t realise the winter olympics finished last night.. Lame, got nothing to watch each night now :( bad times
Been very busy during the Olympics but now that the Olympics is over and school is starting, I will just get busier. :( #vancouver #vandong
Will Obama Blame Bush for USA Hockey Loss To Canada In The Olympics Before Or After He Apologizes And For Defeating Them Last Week?
Russia is a sore loser: President Dmitri Medvedev is not please with his country\'s disappointing Olympics performance http://
Day 1 after the #Olympics. Bit strange but thank god we\'ve got the #BBC iPlayer over here in the #UK

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