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2011 Academy Awards: Best Documentary NominationsEmbed

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Exit through the Gift Shop Gasland Inside Job Restrepo Waste Land 
Those with opinions view "Exit through the Gift Shop" as 43% positive & 22% negative on Feb 28, 2011. Find the top messages & most popular websites for this day summarized below.
Positive Tips
RT @HarryPotterFilm: "Tiny Ball of Light." Hahaha. Who knew Ron and Hermione could sing? Brilliant. #Oscars
Exit through the Gift Shop was great. Hope it wins...
Songs mix. Genius. #oscars
I REALLY hope Exit through the Gift Shop wins just so some incarnation of Banksy can accept the award. -p
yup he wins :) RT @ntrevilova
Negative Tips
Primera vez que veo Los #Oscars sin tomar un tragic! Que bajon!!
Oscars crowd hates George Lucas #thatiswhatyougetforepisodesonetwoan dthree #oscars
My Twitter stream is an insane mix of hockey (games and trade talk), Oscars and basketball.
I'm sorry but Amy Adams' dress reminds me of Tootsie the blue version. Baddddd choice.
Iran 'arrests' opposition leaders: Iranian opposition leaders Mir Hussein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi are removed... http://b

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