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2011 Academy Awards: Red Carpet PassionEmbed

TipTop's semantic engine mined 1000s of messages about the Oscar nominees and extracted the emotional expressions found in tweets during the Academy Awards and the after-party. You can get the Oscar Red Carpet passion summaries by clicking a celebrity's name below or browsing through the Passion Pies & clicking the emotional slices to see the tips behind the sentiment.

ayy noo amy adams no ganoo no no lloraree que feoo noooooo :( :(
@tayohsawr I wanted Amy Adams to win so badly :(
Amy Adams wins in my book. I want that navy gown! Gorgeous!
Meh. Always has crap hair. I was distracted by her dress. WTF?! RT @mediascaper: Is Annette Bening lobbying for role of Heat Miser? #Oscars
RT @JohntheCraptist: Annette Bening! You are a paragon of splendor! Never change, and please NEVER eff with your face! #Oscars
Annette Bening has heat miser hair too. That's what I look like in the morning XD #oscars
A legjobb férfi mellékszereplő: Christian Bale
Christian Bale Tears Up After Best Supporting Actor Oscar Win -
@erinbmanning Christian Bale needs the full-on Philips treatment. #oscarKPRC
Al regreso del corte sabremos qué actor y actriz serán reconocidos. Esperamos ansiosos los discursos de Colin Firth y Natalie Portman.
RT @oscar_awards: Colin Firth (best actor) >
Congrats to Colin Firth (Best Actor) and The King's Speech (Best Picture) and their 4 Oscar Win! #Oscar
RT @afterellen: Tom Hooper beats Darren Aronofsky for Best Director. Darren loves lesbians.Evan Rachel Wood played gay in his film "The ...
RT @danielwcarlson: Trivia: Darren Aronofsky actually co-produced this year's #Oscars. That's why they're painful and awkward and horrib ...
#Social #Networks Oscars: Darren Aronofsky on 'Black Swan,' Aaron Sorkin on ... Facebook?: Meanwhile, "The Socia... >
Todos pensaban que ese oscar era para David Fincher pero estoy mas que seguro que su pelicula red social va a ganarse el oscar como la mejor
RT @martyjohnson00: RT @MaxOnMovies #Oscars The 1st major award I've missed, as I called it for David Fincher- You made the right call Max!
RT @colliderfrosty: RT @ShawnRyanTV: AMBER ALERT reported. Little boy named Oscar taken from rightful owner David Fincher. Culprit belie ...
Para ator coadjuvante tem que ser Christian Bale ou Geoffrey Rush #oscars
"Is Geoffrey Rush crying? He looks pretty emotional. Colin Firth better win" #oscarswithmymum
@maucatt ya! pretty star-studded cast with colin firth, helena bonham carter and geoffrey rush. let me know watcha think about the movie. =)
Helena Bonham Carter didn't win either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( y?????????
Ok Helena Bonham Carter looks like he's at a crush velvet party... #nosurprise #Oscars
no she would have been speechless. RT @angelabishop: Melissa Leo dropped the F bomb. Our Jacki Weaver would never have done such a thing!
Oh what a shame Jacki Weaver missed out #oscars
Weaver misses out as Tan wins Oscar: Jacki Weaver's bid for an Oscar has come to a disappointing end, while youn... >
@pabloBS kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk jamás! Quero James Franco!
James Franco, por você eu viraria até gay. -QQ #oscar
RT @Berin_Kinsman: James Franco: "Congratulations, nerds." Really?!?! Screw you, you squinty-eyed douchebag.
I want to see Javier Bardem's performance in 'Biutiful'. It seems like a really intense, emotional film. #oscars
#oscars : Javier Bardem comes out and the woman in love Penelope Cruz smiles proudly. How sweet.
Ese español es MIO RT @NathalyMonzer: JAVIER BARDEM TE AMO
Jennifer Lawrence looked super gorgeous & sexy! Love it :) #Oscars
RT @Medepolo: @MissKellyO Don't you think that Jennifer Lawrence looks like she is wearing the baywatch swimsuit? Ha ha ha
Latest mentions for Calvin Klein: - RT @ashanista Love Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein, my favourite so far!
[...] Christian Bale – “O vencedor”, Jeremy Renner – “Atração perigosa” e John Hawkes – "Inverno da alma"
Let's talk about my love for Jeremy Renner. He can basically do no wrong in my eyes.
noooooooooooo Jeremy Renner : ( can we at least go back and give him an award for National Lampoon's Senior Trip!
Who makes the 1st political statement tonight. I predict Jesse Eisenberg. He'll want social networking to be allowed in Egypt and in Lybia
RT @JoBrosUSA: Jesse Eisenberg = new celebrity crush ♥
natalie portman:perfect; anne hathaway:annoying; robert downey jr:sexual; jesse eisenberg:perpetually melancholy; jeff bridges:baddass
RT @juliebenz: John Hawkes, Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams are all Buffy/Angel alums!! So excited for their success!
Still pissed John Hawkes took Andrew Garfield's nomination! >:( #Oscars
John Hawkes pode ser modelo de um live action de Angry Birds. XDDD
Mark Ruffalo, diliça. #oscars
yup. RT @SourceKaren: Mark Ruffalo. Dreamy. Dreamy.
Sending our hugs and kisses of congrats to Melissa Leo (Melissa Leo - The Official Page) for snagging the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.
Melissa Leo wins Best Supporting Actress >
Melissa Leo spends all that money promoting her candidacy and wins, only to get bleeped on national television. Who doesn't love the #Oscars
My picks for best dressed: Halle Berry, Mila Kunis, Cate Blanchett and Michelle Williams! Who was your fave?
RT @danecook: Michelle Williams looks like an albino angel with the flu.
Hilarious ! RT @JayOnrait: "Make me look like Gandalf without the beard" - Michelle Williams
Ojala gane Natalie Portman!
Al regreso del corte sabremos qué actor y actriz serán reconocidos. Esperamos ansiosos los discursos de Colin Firth y Natalie Portman.
natalie portman eu sei que você tá grávida de outro, mas continuo te amando mesmo assim
RT @sergiomorenog: Este fotógrafo es una rata, puso a Nicole Kidman junto a Gwyneth Paltrow #Oscar2011 (vía AP)
#redcarpet Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: they both look very well..just sorry to say that Nicole's dress is not great :( >
If nicole kidman let her hair down curly like it was she elder be extra stunning has class
RT @Fryeness: BREAKING: Tom Hooper just announced that he`s really James Cameron is disguise. #oscars
Teguh karya kalah dong..!! RT @cinema21: Dan pemenang Best Achievement in Directing adalah Tom Hooper untuk film The King's Speech!
Joe Wright and Tom Hooper. 2 young British directors with great... teeth! #Oscars
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