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Mar 7, 2010 42% Tips & 9% piTs
Mar 7, 2010 42% Tips & 9% piTs
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Y mas calor!!! RT @caroojas: calor, oscars, calor, oscars, calor, oscars, calor, calor, calor, calor, oscars. Esto es lo que hay.
@Lady_Chiara fun fun fun haha :) are you going to watch the oscars tonight? its 2:20 pm over here and you?
I'm excited to see the Oscars ;) hopefully 'Up in the Air' will get some ;) loved the movie as well as kendrick & clooney =) ♥
@hughhefner awww Charlies sooo cute!! Hope u all have fun today hef and enjoy the oscars!! Please say hi to http://tl. gd/egeuu
Oscars tonight!!!!! Yay!!!!! Red carpets, beautiful gowns, and handsome suits one of my favorite nights of the year!
Top piTs
How am I supposed to watch the Oscars without ABC? Cablevision sucks :-( Thank god my parents have Verizon!
Finding this years #OSCARS totally underwhelming. Can't even be bothered. The nominated films are generally rubbish!
So mad I'm missing the red carpet for the Oscars :( oh well, that's what tivo is for I suppose
Stomach hurts, stomach hurts, stomach hurts! About to take a shower and drink another Cappucino. Oscars here I come!
I hate how we can't see the Oscars here unless we have Sky movies :( I have Virgin TV.

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