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2011 Academy Awards: Red Carpet FashionEmbed

TipTop's semantic engine mined 1000s of messages about the Oscar nominees and extracted the emotional expressions found in tweets during the Red Carpet & Academy Awards ceremony. You can see the Red Carpet fashion summaries by clicking a celebrity's name below or by browsing through the Fashion Pies & clicking the emotional slices to see the tips behind the sentiment.

just realized amy adams's dress is exact same as what my mom wore post-wedding in 1984. but my mom accessorized it better. duh.
Photoset: Oscars Fashion 2011-the best of the best Amy Adams- Im not a spakle person but she looks great in...
Same here! "@lossidele: LURVE Amy Adams dress. #oscars"
I love short hair (Halle Berry, Annette Bening, Michelle Willimas) #film1oscars
@tomandlorenzo Annette Bening's dress was very television-unfriendly. It made her boobies shimmer and fizz.
RT @bonnevivante: Wow! Annette Bening looks just like the Chrysler Building in human form. Love that dress on her. #oscars. #fb
Christian Bale looks like #Jesus lol
YeeeeesssssssssssssRT @notwnews: Do you think Christian Bale’s facial hair is a bit too much?
Me encanta el tuxido de Christian Bale
RT @BYT: Colin Firth-doing absolutely nothing to dispel every woman in the world's wish to marry him. #funny #charming #greatinatux #osc ...
RT @styledotcom: Colin Firth wins! Excellent actor, good advertisement for diamond tux studs. MNS #oscars
The kings speech looks amazing.heard nothing but good things about it. Colin firth was apparently brilliant, gonna win it all
and David Fincher wins the Oscar for best looking daughter! #Oscars
David fincher declara: #graciasgracias #graciasnosemolesten (meruane'style)
going with the hot fave huh.....I prefer Geoffrey Rush in that movie RT @dressvintage: @ChicAlert Colin Firth
Geoffrey Rush is wearing Persols. Juss' saying. #oscars
Geoffrey Rush arrives in pirate outfit. Bonham Carter naked except for one shaved armpit. It is a sign #oscars
Fashion faves: Mila Kunis, Gwenyth Paltrow & Hailee Steinfeld...Reese Witherspoon is an honorable mention bc she looks vintage Barbie..LOVE
shower, then oscars, then sleep. school in the morning :'\ - Hailee Steinfeld looks beautiful, i love her dress.
It's amazing how different those dresses look sitting at the award show rather than on that carpet. Hailee Steinfeld looks adorable #Oscars
Upon closer look, we adore Helena Bonham Carter's nude, shimmering lipstick!
Per usual Helena bonham Carter looks kooky as hell #oscarchat
Nice shot of Helena Bonham Carter looking utterly bewildered. No, Helena, you didn't design the costumes; stay put.
RT @Freakstyle1: a Anne tá esfregando as teta no James Franco
James Franco looks like he's trying to not be so high that he forgets how to read.
Watching #oscars pre-show... looking good James Franco
@switch310 Sandra looks so great! She kept her dress on. Javier Bardem is hot! I loved him in love in a time of (cont)
RT @GAYLETTER: Love Javier Bardem a bit fatter he looks hot. #oscars
RT @JayBilas: James Brolin and Javier Bardem dressed just like Rick Pitino. Fashion faux paus. Cue the male cheerleader.
Jeff Bridges was wearing a strap-on in True Grit remake? Now I understand talk about Coen Brothers "modernizing" it.
I'll be mad if Jeff Bridges wins an award for dressing old-timey and mumbling for two hours #oscars
RT @mattzollerseitz: How awesome is it that people can address Jeff Bridges as "Dude" &he looks up like it's really his name? Via @sepinwall
Jennifer Lawrence is my best dressed so far...simple, sexy and dramatic at the same time. Makeup was perfection. #oscars
“@nicolewosz: sooo who's best dressed so far?? i'm still with mila and jennifer lawrence” Mila :-) even tho #JenniferLawrence is super sex
Who is this Jennifer Lawrence girl and why is she so damn beautiful? So sexy in that red Calvin Klein dress.
Jesse Eisenberg looks adorable... do me.
Is Jesse Eisenberg related to Michael Cera? Same acting style for sure! Hold on, these guys are just being themselves!
Ah Sandra, they're all your mates, ain't they? Jesse Eisenberg still looks in need of a hug & a cuppa tea.
Melissa Leo gets the award 4 South Jersey style- and speech..#oscars Her next film, "The Unfortunate Supporting Actress Speech."
I think I kinda like Melissa Leo's dress now.
RT @moviemistakes Melissa Leo looks utterly bemused. Aw. #oscars
Me: Natalie Portman looks concerned and unhappy. Aaron: She's pregnant. She probably has gas. #almostmarriedlife
RT @WhitneyCummings: Natalie Portman is pregnant and she looks amazing? Not cool.
RT @DENISE_RICHARDS: Natalie Portman is one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have ever gorgeous!! Loved her dress!!!
#Oscars OK Nicole Kidman looks good no matter what she wears, she is always elegant, i like her look :)
I figured it out... Nicole Kidman looks like Jane Jetson! #oscars #redcarpet
Nicole Kidman should take heed of Anne Hathway's ivory dress. That's how it's done. #oscars
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